Renée Lefeber

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Renée Lefeber, graphic designer with many years experience in advertising and TV industries; print-, interactive and motion graphics design. I worked in different countries for a variety of live international sport and current affair television programs, creating live titles and motion graphics. I am therefore used to working under pressure and book good results.
I am creative, think outside the box, am goal orientated and flexible. In short I have all the skills to make your logo, branding and website a success.

Effective communication is my aim. This starts with listening to the clients wishes and finding the tools to clearly pass on their products and services to their customers.

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Graduated with a Bachelor degree in Computer Graphic Design at the School of Design at Wanganui Polytechnic. I like to keep up with the latest technology and expand my knowledge, so I regularly attend courses like Professional Web Design, Creative Writing, and Business Management.

Volunteer tourist guide

Wadlopen- inter tidal adventure walks- in the Netherlands is a challenging, exciting and mentally relaxing hobby. As a volunteer Wadloop guide I used to walk groups of tourists from Frysland to the Wadden Islands during low tide.

Outdoor sports

I enjoy being active outdoors, from running to scuba diving to relaxing at the beach.